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Affordable Summer Camps for Kids in Ireland: Top Classes Offered

Akshara Bemax summer camps will start in early July.

Dublin: Akshara Bemax, a leading online education institution in Ireland, will commence its summer camps for students in the first week of July. With school holidays underway, Akshara Bemax aims to offer children an engaging and educational experience during their break.

Courses Offered:
Drawing: 30 days, €2.50/hour
Coding: 30 days, €2.50/hour
Malayalam: 40 days, €50/hour
English Grammar: 40 days, €50
Carnatic Music: 30 days, €2.50/hour
Yoga: 28 days, €28

Class Details:
Platform: Google Meet
Group Classes: Conducted in groups to foster interaction and learning.

Akshara Bemax prides itself on offering the most affordable educational programmes in Ireland. The institution also provides specialised tuition in subjects such as Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Accountancy, Biology, Economics, Business Studies, and Computer Science for students in Ireland, the UK, the US, and Australia.

The classes are led by experienced Indian teachers known for their friendly and professional approach. While public tuition at guidance centres in Ireland can cost up to €15 an hour, Akshara Bemax offers individual online classes at just €7 per hour.

From its modest beginnings, Akshara Bemax has grown into a reputable Irish-based company, serving around 1,000 children with the help of 70 teachers. The institution offers a variety of classes, including Malayalam and English, as well as music and arts programmes such as keyboard, guitar, violin, drums, painting, and drawing. Hindi classes are also set to start soon.

Contact Information:
For more information on enrolling children in classes, please contact:
Joji Abraham: +353 894561890, +44 7712 178520 (WhatsApp)
Jobi VG: +91 8281855178
Website: (http://www.akshara.ie)

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