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All ‘Doctors’ are equal, but some are more equal; Training for doctors in Ireland has Partiality, says junior medic

Dr Mohsin Kamal, a junior medic from abroad, claims that the training for doctors in Ireland is ‘institutionally racist’. He couldn’t get through the training schemes to become consultants.

1 in 5 consultant jobs is going and filled and medical training colleges call for a change in how places are located. Unlike his Irish and EU peers with same experience as his, Dr Mohsin Kamal couldn’t train to become a consultant.

He, who was trained in Pakistan, has been working as a junior doctor in Irish Hospital since 2016. ‘It is institutional racism; it is getting worse all of the time,’ he said.

‘I have two children, both of whom are Irish. I don’t want to face my children and have to tell them we left Ireland without trying to solve this, I don’t think this is right.’ He added.

Professor Anthony Staines from DCU have said that hospitals are in shortage of doctors. Though medical internships from other countries are welcomed for the recruiting of Junior Doctors, this acceptance is not shown in the case of consultant training.

Dr Mohsin Kamal, from Pakistan, said: ‘We want to be accepted. I would just like to have the same training opportunities as the EU doctors. It is institutional racism; it is getting worse all of the time.

As per the HSE figures, majority of Junior Doctors outside Europe are not on a training scheme.

Following the tragic death of Dr Sayed Waqqar Ali Shah from Covid-19 while working in Mater Hospital, this issue was highlighted Dr.Naveed Abbas, one of his colleagues, have written a letter to medical independent referring to Dr.Waqqar never being able to progress to a consultant position even after working as a junior doctor 20 long years.

He also pointed out the racist system prevailing in the medical field.

Prof. Staines said: ‘We are critically short of doctors in Ireland, we should welcome them with open arms. The NHS would accept them and it would be a great loss to Ireland.’

 Since British hospitals do accept doctors Irish Hospital School could lose out more of them.

Dr Hammad Danish, a Pakistani member of the Irish Medical Organisation, said: ‘If you work in this system as a non-European, all you can progress to is a registrar level, then you are going nowhere.’

Dr Hamad reveals that under present legislation migrant doctors could apply for training only if no Irish or EU doctors qualifies.

Dr Donal O’Hanlon , vice president of the Irish Hospital Consultants Association have raised his voice against this unjust practice. The Royal College of Physicians Ireland is the largest body responsible for doctor training.

A spokeswoman said it follows the HSE and government guidance on recruiting. She also added that RCPI recognizes the valuable contribution made by non-EU doctors in Irish Hospitals during these crucial times.

They are working with HSE’s National Doctor Training and Planning Unit to change the system. The legislation to amend the Medical Practitioners Act listed has prioritized. the legislation is expected to be before the Seanad shortly.

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