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Are foreign students being exploited in Ireland? 

Dublin: How many Euros will it cost a student to live without a salary in Ireland? It is a question that many people are asking.

According to the annual cost of living guide published by Dublin University of Technology, €14,094 is sufficient to live comfortably even in a city like Dublin.

The university released these figures after conducting extensive research to provide information on the various costs associated with student life.

Rent, utilities, student fees, food, travel, books, class materials, clothing, medical expenses, mobile expenses, social life, and other miscellaneous expenses fall into this category.

The monthly living costs calculated by TU Dublin for students living away from home are €1,566. 14,094 Euros per year.

The average monthly rent of €636 is the most expensive component of this cost.

Then there are the utilities, food, travel, and other costs to consider. Exact figures are given separately.

This monthly living cost is only 701 euros for students living with their parents or in their own home. The total annual cost is only €6,309! According to the university’s experts, this includes utilities, food, travel, and other expenses.

‘Although these costs are undoubtedly high, the finding that around 40% of students receive higher education grants is a cost-reducing factor. With government benefits such as rent credit or regular college support such as laptop schemes, bursaries, scholarships, and other financial aid, you can be happy here!

Students can purchase a LEAP Young Adult Card to save money on public transportation. Its fare range (for 19–23-year-olds) offers significant savings, and TU Dublin advises that a daily cap ticket of €2.80 and a weekly cap ticket of €11 can be used to travel across the network.

Students are also reminded that they can get a discount at the local supermarket if they shop after 6 p.m.

Many phone and subscription services offer free trials and half-price offers, and mobile phone companies have loyalty deals.

Most colleges offer free or nominal-cost insurance to cover medical expenses. Most colleges and universities provide everything from free student healthcare to subsidised sports and gym facilities. Although some facilities have small fees for use, many services, such as counselling and GP services, are provided for free in Ireland.

Almost double the cost of international students.

This is only for students from Ireland. Adding the annual fee to the cost of living for international students can result in an additional thousand euros per month on average. That means that the monthly cost of an international student in Ireland is more than 2,500 euros. However, that figure does not appear on the university’s list of calculations.

The attack by universities is evident when you consider that the number of international students in some Dublin colleges’ classrooms has risen to as much as 75% of the total student body.

On a small scale, students from other countries are literally exploited in Ireland. The universities and the government should think twice whether they should charge such high fees to international students!

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