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Argentina ready to legalize abortion

Buenos Aires: Argentina’s lower house of parliament has approved a draft bill to legalize abortion.

The bill contains provisions that legally authorize abortions up to 14 weeks of age.

The draft Bill 117, introduced by President Alberto Fernandes in Parliament on Friday morning, was passed by 131 votes to 117. Six members abstained.

Once passed by the lower house, the bill will be left to the Senate. A strong vote against the bill is expected here. The bill will come into force if approved by the Senate.

In 2018, a similar bill was considered by the Senate but failed.

Meanwhile, supporters of the bill, who wore green masks, gathered on Kathor Street on Thursday night for the announcement of the parliament.

Protesters, meanwhile, staged a protest in the city wearing light blue turbans over their heads.

Argentina, a South American country, is also the birthplace of Pope Francis. For these reasons, the bill is politically and religiously significant.

Political observers predict that with the enactment of such a law in Argentina, many other countries in the Roman Catholic region will come forward to give women more reproductive rights.

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