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As the protests intensify, China vows to crack down on “hostile movements”

People in Guangzhou, China’s southern industrial powerhouse, battled with white hazmat-suited riot police on Tuesday night, according to social media footage, as dissatisfaction with rigorous COVID-19 laws boiled over three years into the outbreak. On Tuesday, Beijing, the Chinese capital, recorded 1,282 symptomatic and 3,240 asymptomatic cases. Large crowds were also reported in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chongqing.

Why are China’s Covid rules so strict?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, China used “zero-COVID” policies that were severe, but in keeping with what many other nations were doing to suppress the virus. While most other countries considered the health and safety measures as transitory until vaccinations became widely available, China has remained steady in its approach. Protests have erupted throughout China in recent days, as people have become tired of the policy that has restricted millions of people to their homes in an attempt to isolate every infection, and with an eye on the freedoms currently enjoyed elsewhere in the globe.

China Coronavirus(COVID-19) statistics. 

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