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AstraZeneca really put Ireland in crisis; People who vaccinated are also concerned

DUBLIN: The decision to suspend the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine has really put Ireland in crisis. While AstraZeneca vaccine has been discontinued, health experts in Ireland are worried about what to say to alleviate the anxiety of those who have been vaccinated.

Thousands of people who received the vaccine were concerned when the news broke. The NIAC also could not give a clear answer in this regard.

Those waiting for the second dose after taking the first dose have been told that they will not receive it this week. Also the appointments of 30,000 people who were supposed to receive the first dose have been postponed.

Prof. Karina Butler, Chairwoman of the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC), said the NIAC had recommended that the vaccine be discontinued following four reported cases of blood clots in the brain.

The EMA is rapidly reviewing the situation to determine if the problem is coincidental or if the vaccine can cause blood clots in any way. The answer cannot be said now – Prof. Butler said.

We want the recommended vaccine to be safe and to be able to maintain confidence in the vaccination program. That is why the vaccination has been suspended. We can use it very carefully once we are sure that there are no problem. It is a very serious matter that this problem has occurred in young people – Prof. Butler said.

She said public confidence in the vaccination program should be boosted as vaccination has been suspended in Ireland. Prof. Butler explained that the NIAC would publish information on whether people who have been vaccinated to prevent blood clots should take Aspirin daily.

Prof. Sam McConaughey said regular exercise is a good way to prevent blood clots in people who have been vaccinated and are worried about new developments.

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