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Ayda was pulled back to life after 91 hours

A young girl was pulled out alive from the rubble of a collapsed building in Izmir, Turkey. The rescuers have found and rescued the girl alive on the fourth day after the disaster.

People and rescue workers cheered and applauded as young Ayda Gezgin was taken out from the concrete fallings.

As per the reports, the girl was trapped inside for long 91 hours since the quake on Friday. Ayda is recognized as the 107th person to have been pulled out alive.

 Nusret Aksoy, a rescuer said that he heard a girl’s scream and later they were able to locate her. He said that she was responding to them and told her name.

“I got goosebumps and my colleague Ahmet cried,” he said.

A three-year-old and 14-year old girl were also rescued from the collapsed buildings in Izmir before Ayla’s rescue.

Meanwhile, the death toll has reached 104. The US Geological Survey rated the quake at a magnitude of 7.0, whereas other agencies in Turkey recorded it as less severe.

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