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Beware of scams! screen sharing App scam

Scammers are the ones who keep up with the times. Such a shift is now visible both online and offline. As a result, even if one avoids one scam, no one can guarantee that they will not fall for another. Many methods of banking fraud have been observed. We have learned how to keep them empty. But when we see it in our minds, the scammers are the ones who see it first. The new method involves customers downloading apps that appear to be from banks and authorised money transfer institutions, extracting information, and extorting money.

The screen sharing scam.

Scammers thrive on apps that purport to be from banks and authorised money transfer institutions. In reality, all of these are simply screen-sharing apps. Customers are contacted by fraudsters who pose as bank representatives. Screen sharing apps are then downloaded by the account holder. The fraudsters have access to the customer’s bank account information once the app is opened. When information on the account holder’s mobile phone or computer is available to fraudsters sitting elsewhere, fraud becomes easier. Fraudsters can also control bank transactions through such a system.

Let’s take a look at some of these applications.

Team Weaver Remote Control
Team Weaver Quick Support
Hosted by Team Weaver
VNC Viewer Remote Desktop
AnyDesk Remote Desktop Software
AirDroid File and Remote Access
Screen Share Remote Assistant
Air mirror remote control

Be careful and don’t forget these things…

Personal information is never requested over the phone by a bank.
Banks never request that you install applications.

Ignore SMS and phone calls requesting personal information.
Under no circumstances should one-time passwords, credit-debit card information, including expiry date, CVC, and PIN number, be shared.
Read and understand the acceptance requests that appear while installing the apps, and accept them.

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