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British Prime Minister in Self Isolation after being in contact with a Covid infected person

London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has entered into self – isolation following his contact with a Covid infected person.

Boris Johnson tweeted that he was entering the quarantine, although he currently has no symptoms of Covid.

He said in a tweet that he would continue to carry out official duties and lead the government’s Covid defense.

Boris Johnson met with lawmakers on Thursday. Covid was later confirmed to Conservative Party member and Ashfield MP Lee Anderson. It was then that the Prime Minister entered into self-monitoring.

Anderson underwent Covid test as he showed symptoms, and it was on Sunday the negative result came.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson had sought treatment earlier this year after being diagnosed with Covid.

However, a spokesman for the PM said he is in good health and would continue to perform official duties at his residence on Drowning Street. His office said the prime minister would announce some crucial policies in the next two weeks, including the Covid restrictions.

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