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Bus-car collision in Dublin City

Eight people were injured and two others were seriously injured in a collision between a bus and a car in the Dublin city center area last night.

The two occupants who were traveling in the car were admitted to the intensive care unit.

The accident happened at around 10.45pm at the junction of Northumberland Road and Handington Road in Ballsbridge.

After colliding with the car, the bus crashed into the front garden of a nearby house and crashed into a tree. With a serious hit, the tree fell on to the house. However, the house was partially damaged when the tree fell on it.

The front of the bus was completely shattered, and most of the front windows on the first floor of the bus exploded in the impact.

The garda said the crash site was closed for forensic examination and traffic on the route would continue to be diverted until late Saturday.

The Irish Town Garda has requested the witnesses to contact the station.

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