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Can bribes do anything? Kylie’s arrest exposes scandals that will put Europe to shame

Brussels: The news that the European Parliament has been influenced to make decisions in favour of Qatar to host the World Cup football and the arrest of top officials in connection with this point to the financial corruption that is shocking the world. Through this, the irregularities that shame the world, including money laundering and bribery, are revealed.

Four people were arrested in the incident, including one of the parliament’s vice presidents, Eva Kylie. After questioning them, it is expected that more political corruption in the European Parliament will emerge. Following this, Eva Kylie was removed from the position of vice president.

Following the controversy, Kylie was suspended from Pasok. Her resignation as an MEP has also been requested by the party.Along with Kylie, former Italian MEP Antonio Panzeri was arrested. Eva Kylie was remanded into custody for allegedly bribing FIFA World Cup host Qatar. Kylie went to Qatar right before the World Cup. A large amount of money was discovered in her home by the investigative team shortly after she returned from Qatar.

Over the weekend, Belgian police charged four people, including Kylie, with participation in a criminal organisation, money laundering, and corruption. As part of the investigation, the police conducted 20 raids throughout Brussels.

6,00,000 euros, including IT equipment and mobile phones, were also seized. Investigators are now searching the offices of the European Parliament. The computer data of 10 parliamentary staff members has been seized. Meanwhile, Qatar strongly denied the allegations in the controversial incident.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the allegations against Kylie were “deeply troubling.” She questioned the institution’s credibility. The allegations were “very damaging,” according to Foreign Minister Simon Cowan.

The socialist MEP, who previously worked as a news anchor on a private Greek television channel, was first elected to the European Parliament in 2014. Kylie was the Socialist Pasok Party’s youngest MP elected to the Greek Parliament. She was elected as the European Union’s vice president 11 months ago.

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