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Can change employer and job: More freedom for work permit holders..

DUBLIN: Ireland is set to implement a significant reform in its work permit system, allowing permit holders the flexibility to change jobs and employers. Historically, the work permit system has been employer-centric, often leading to exploitation and harm to workers. The new legislation aims to address and rectify these issues.

Announced last December as part of the Employment Permit Bill, the reform is now becoming a reality. The new law is expected to particularly benefit those employed in care homes, nursing homes, and similar institutions, enabling them to move to more favourable employment opportunities.

The Employment Permits Bill 2022, introduced by Minister of State for Employment Emer Higgins, grants work permit holders the freedom to change employers after nine months of employment.

This legislative change is seen as a crucial development for workers on employment permits, promising to end the exploitation prevalent in this sector. Various labour organisations have welcomed the new bill. Edel McGinley, Director of the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI), stated that the law will greatly benefit thousands of workers, including those in care homes, drivers, cooks, and construction workers. Implementation of the procedures outlined in the new bill is expected to commence soon.

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