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Can’t Enter Phase 4; Pubs and Clubs will remain Closed

The people of Ireland should wait a bit more to go to pubs and nightclubs. Taoiseach Micheal Martin says that the pubs won’t reopen any time soon, as the fourth phase of reopening plans are getting delayed.

The rule is applicable to the nightclubs and casinos as well.

The GAA match attendance will also be the same as before, which is 200. The numbers of people allowed for public gatherings also remains the same.

As per the current rules only 50 people are allowed to attend indoor functions such as weddings. All pubs and restaurants must be shut down by 11 pm every day.

The people were expecting slight relaxations in the next phase of unlocking which was about to happen next Monday, but the entire process got delayed.

“I know this will come as a bitter disappointment to many people” said Mr. Martin.

The reopening of pubs was ripped out by considering the chance of developing a hiking in the number clusters and community transmission like other countries.

Mr. Martin is unsure regarding the reopening of pubs this year; the prevalence and strength of the virus determines when these shops will open.

From August 10 the wearing of face mask or shields will be made mandatory in shopping centers, said Mr. Martin.

Along with the reopening of shops, the green list for travel was also reviewed.

Places like Cyprus, Gibraltar, Monaco, Malta and San Marino lost their names from the green list and no new place were added.

The Taoiseach said that Ireland needs to vigilant. He also thanked the public for their support and sacrifices in the war against the pandemic.

Earlier: Tánaiste’s words gave hope to many

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar on his way to a Cabinet meeting regarding the Phase 4 meeting, sprinkled a bit of hope in the minds of people by saying that pubs may reopen next week.

The Government will take up a “cautious” approach for the coming couple of weeks, which will be an issue for sectors which are still in a closed state.

The confusion regarding the reopening of pubs had already becomes a main issue.

Independent TD Michael Healy-Rae said that the government should listen to the people and should consider the reopening of pubs.

The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) is ready to provide needful advices and for that a Cabinet meeting will be happening this evening.

A reviews of the travel green list and also a decision regarding the GAA match attendance is also expected.

“We had a meeting with the acting chief medical officer just now and we’ll have a Cabinet meeting next and a decision will be made at Cabinet and we’ll announce it afterwards” said Mr. Varadkar in his speech at the Dublin Castle.

” What I can say is that it is an unfortunate truth that is this pandemic is still raging across the world, and even in Europe where it is under relative control, we have seen an increase in cases across Europe, including here in Ireland.” He added.

Mr. Varadkar also said that relative to other countries of Europe, Ireland is still doing a quite well job and it should be kept that way. As per the advice of the NPHET the Cabinet will take a cautious approach till the next two weeks.

“I know that’s going to come as a further blow to some of the sectors that have not been reopened but we just can’t risk going backwards or risk the reopening of schools.”

Before the Cabinet meeting Mr. Martin addressed the press where he said: “We just had a fresh briefing from the chief medical officer in respect of the advice from NPHET.”

The Government’s main aim is to reopen schools by the end of this month.

The rising numbers of Covid-19 cases and the increase in the number of clusters are creating a lot of concerns.

The total number of Covid-19 infected became 26,208 as 46 new cases were reported on Monday.

Public waits for clarity

Publicans wanted to get a clear idea regarding the reopening today.

They can prepare themselves and be ready if they are provided with clear guidelines.

Today the government will decide the number of people allowed in a pub.

The main agenda of the Cabinet meeting is to see whether the Republic can enter phase 4 of reopening on Monday.

The next one will be regarding the removing of countries, which have a rise in cases from the green list and also the number of people permitted in events like weddings.

 O’Mara’s pub owner Raeltin O’Mara says that she has implemented a number of health measures by the time.

“We moved a lot of seats out so that social distancing can me kept” she said.

A number of arrests were made in the city over the past week regarding a party, where a huge mass of youngsters was involved.

The video footage of the part clearly shows that the teenagers were cramped together and the localities says that the party was running till next day early morning.

The Vintners Federation of Ireland blasted the treatment of public, quoting that they are the messaging equipment of the government.

“It is vital that our members open on August 10”, VIF chief executive Padrahi Cribben said.

Any postpone in the reopening will disturb the public because now itself they are tired of it and further delay will guide them to a breaking point.

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