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Changes to Long-Term Stay Rules: Irish Government Shifts Stamp 4 Application Process for Critical Skills Employment Permit Holders

Dublin: In a recent clarification, the Irish government has announced a shift in the application process for Stamp 4 permits, which grant long-term stay and work permissions to individuals with critical skills employment permits. Previously handled by the Department of Enterprise, the application for Stamp 4 approval will now be processed by the Department of Justice, marking a significant procedural change.

Notably, the government has also eliminated the requirement for a support letter that was traditionally needed during the Stamp 4 application process. This adjustment particularly impacts CSEP (Critical Skills Employment Permit) holders, encompassing General Employment Permits granted to researchers and non-consultant hospital doctors who previously needed a letter of support from the Department of Enterprise for a Stamp 4 permit.

Under the new directive, only those who have been employed in Ireland for 21 months with an existing critical skills employment permit are eligible to apply for Stamp 4. Importantly, Critical Skill Employment Permit holders can initiate their Stamp 4 application up to 12 weeks before the expiration of their current permit term. The government’s rationale behind this change is to provide workers with the opportunity to seamlessly transition into their new status and continue their current job.

These revised regulations are slated to take effect on November 30, signaling a pivotal adjustment in the administrative landscape for individuals seeking long-term stay and work permits in Ireland.

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