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China locked down one of the districts near iPhone manufacturing hub of Zhengzhou

The iPhone manufacturing powerhouse of Zhengzhou shut down one of its most populous areas to combat a virus outbreak, with growing limitations across China highlighting the continual threat of disruption enterprises face while the government adheres to COVID Zero.

According to a government notice, over 1 million people in Zhongyuan district have been told to stay at home beginning Monday, except when they need to undertake COVID testing, and non-essential enterprises have been closed. The broader restrictions come following a lockdown of select areas last week, which caught many residents off guard after officials claimed there would be no citywide lockdown.

Despite the high expense, China is sticking to the COVID-Zero pillars of lockdowns and mass testing to contain its worst flareup in two months. The approach has slowed development in the world’s second-largest economy and roiled global supply chains as key industrial hubs – from automobiles to phones and Christmas trees – deal with the interruption of shutdowns and reopening’s.

While China’s most prominent cities have avoided large-scale lockdowns thus far, officials have discreetly halted a growing number of activities. According to parents and social media posts, some schools in Shanghai have cancelled in-person sessions as the risk of virus spread intensifies. Last week, the port city of Tianjin declared a lockdown in one sector, and the southern megacity of Guangzhou closed schools in one area.

The city recorded six new local cases on Sunday, down from a high of 40 on October 9. Cases in China fell to 697, the lowest in two weeks, after outbreaks in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang were contained. Beijing had 13 new cases, while Shanghai had 32.

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