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CMO warns against unnecessary travel and celebrations as COVID-19 spreads out again

DUBLIN: Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tony Holahan has warned that unnecessary trips and celebrations should be avoided as Ireland’s COVID-19 figures begin to soar again.

The increase in the number of COVID patients has caused great concern in the country. Health experts also warn that the rise in the spread of the disease indicates a very dangerous situation.

“As we head into a week with uniquely risky inter-household and inter-generational mixing, please remember to act responsibly. Start this weekend. It is never too late to cut down your contacts, cancel plans, or avoid a crowd,” Dr. Tony Holahan said.

“Bear in mind that you may well be the link in a chain of transmission that ends with a vulnerable loved one catching this dangerous disease. Stop that chain of transmission now – limit your movements today,” he added.

The CMO came to the scene with a warning to be on high alert in Ireland after the UK announced tighter restrictions during Christmas following the COVID-19 outbreak. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson had yesterday announced that the Southeastern regions currently in Tier 3 in the UK would be upgraded to Tier 4 and effectively return to the November lockdown rules.

Meanwhile, 537 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Ireland yesterday. This brings the total number of cases to 78,776. Five people died ofCOVID-19 infection yesterday. This brings the total number of COVID deaths to 2,154.

Of the confirmed cases yesterday,

● 271 were men and 255 were women.

● 191 cases were confirmed in Dublin.

● 191 of the cases are in Dublin, 54 in Cork, 44 in Donegal, 32 in Wexford, 27 in Kilkenny, and the remaining 179 cases are spread across 20 other counties.

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