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Concerns are rising again in Dublin, as the COVID-19 spread is not decreasing

DUBLIN: Despite the level 5 restrictions, there has been no significant reduction in COVID-19 cases in Dublin, said CMO Tony Holohan. The latest statement from the CMO points to the recent figures from NPHET.

COVID cases in other parts of Ireland have plummeted due to restrictions, while the number of patients in Dublin is over 200 per day. More than 300 people were diagnosed with coronavirus in Dublin on November 2.

The CMO points out that the spread of COVID-19 has not declined in Dublin even under Level 3 restrictions. However, he hopes that the transmission of the virus is expected to decline in the coming weeks as part of the Level 5 restrictions imposed two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Ireland is one of only four EU countries with a sharp decrease in virus transmission in a week, according to the World Health Organization, although there has been no significant decline in the number of COVID cases in Dublin. The spread of the virus in the country has decreased by 36% in a week.

At the same time, the virus spread in 24 of the 28 European countries (including the UK) is reported to be higher than last week.

Currently the 14-day test positivity rate in Ireland is 248 per lakh. It was 309.9 a week ago. Cavan tops the list with the highest test positivity rate (563.2), followed by Meath with a positive positivity rate of 482.5. Lithium is the only county with a positivity rate of less than 100 (96.7).

The CMO stated that steps should be taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and that Garda should continue to monitor pubs and restaurants until mid-2021.

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