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Controversy over government decision to change eating habits in Irish children

Dublin: Government move to make ‘controversial’ changes in children’s diets and habits in relation to climate change laws.

The new food packages for reducing meat and dairy products are recommended for children in Ireland, which is aimed at promoting meat-free Mondays and reducing dairy products.

The new package, designed by Ann Toy, is recommended for the students to reduce carbon footprint. This package was accepted during the period of previous government itself.

Opposition parties and farmers’ organizations, however, opposed the proposal to reduce the consumption of meat and dairy products by teenagers.

The organizations say these recommendations are not in line with the advice of the Department of Health.

They also point out that parents are concerned about ensuring that their children receive a balanced diet.

The previous government policy on reducing meat consumption had caused unrest among beef farmers and it also affected Board Bia’s operations.

Now green schools are implementing new eating habits. IFA president Joe Healy urged the National Authority for Food Advisory to review the matter before approving the revised food packages schools.

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