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COVID-19: Experts say caution should be practiced during pregnancy; pregnant women are advised not to skip tests

DUBLIN: Finding that the COVID-19 virus has a significant effect on pregnancy.

A few cases of COVID placentitis have been reported in the country. Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ronan Glynn said that the NPHET is aware of four preliminary case reports in Ireland related to this. All four cases were stillbirths.

Health experts suspect that the infection is caused by an infection on the placenta. Dr. Glynn said that the tests and investigations are ongoing and that the reports on the matter should be carefully interpreted.

Officials confirmed that a woman had been diagnosed with COVID placentitis during a prenatal PCR test. Experts said the reports in these cases are preliminary and are still being investigated.

The Director of the HSE’s National Women and Infant Health Programme said the situation in Ireland is unexpected and that it is not aware of any such cases being diagnosed internationally.

Dr. Peter McKenna said pregnant women with COVID-19 should take all possible steps to prevent themselves from contracting the corona virus.

The Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said in a request that pregnant women infected with the virus should attend hospital appointments in the weeks following infection. It said the vast majority of pregnant women with COVID-19 have mild symptoms but no adverse effects.

Infection among health workers has decreased

The Department of Health said that the cooperation of the citizens of the country has helped to reduce the number of daily infections from 6,500 to less than 600.

The HSE also reported yesterday that there has been a significant decline in COVID-19 infections among health care workers. The infection rate, which was 1,000 a week, has dropped to less than 50 in the past five weeks.

Despite such progress, Deputy CMO Dr. Glynn reminded that there is still a high level of COVID-19 prevalence in the community and efforts are needed to prevent this virus from spreading among health workers.

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