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Covid Fear; Parents reluctant to send their kids to school

Irish parents reluctant to send students to school because of Covid fear.

It is reported that parents are not sending their children to school extensively in the wake of Covid’s surge.

Sources warn that this could affect the student-teacher ratio in Ireland’s primary schools.

Senior education sources said it was not a myth but a reality that parents were keeping students at home for fear of Covid.

One principal, who did not want to be named, said that the parents are keeping children within their homes during this Covid period is with good intentions only.

He alleges that while schools provide excellent support for online learning, teachers’ safety is not given much importance.

There is also widespread concern that those who are unable to attend school due to the Covid crisis and restrictions might lose their jobs.

At the same time, he says, when the student census data for September 30 comes out, it will give an idea whether there is a significant drop in the student-teacher ratio in schools.

Irish Primary Schools Network CEO Páiric Clerkin , said he was concerned about keeping students away from schools. He also criticizes the exclusion of students from schools.

He welcomed the government’s decision to reduce the student-teacher ratio to one, but warned that there were large classes in the OECD.

At the same time, the latest figures from the Department of Education show that more than one lakh primary school students in the country are in class 30, which is also a source of concern for parents.

It is also suggested that the capacity of schools should be enhanced to keep students safe from the spread of Covid.

The only current relief is that Covid cases have not yet been widely confirmed in schools.

According to the latest figures, 25 cases were reported in schools during the week ending October 10. Meanwhile, 12 cases were confirmed last week alone.

TD Catherine Connolly, meanwhile, said the government would have to work harder to bring the size of classes to an average of 20, and that large classes would cause accidents.

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