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Dairy company called back to milk products

A leading dairy company (Arrabawn Co-op) decided to recall milk from several outlets as the presence of  Enterobacteriaceae bacteria was detected.

Arrabawn Co-op recalled batches of milk known by the trade names Arrabawn Fresh Milk, Home Farm Fresh Milk, Gala Fresh Milk, Spar Fresh Milk, Mass Fresh Milk and Clonbawn Fresh Milk sold at Aldi stores.

These are dairy products that have a use date before October 26th.

Among the recalls from Aldi stores, there are batches of one-liter and two-liter  Clonbawn Light Milk  that can be used until October 27th.

Consumers are asked to returned the above products for refunding. In store notice will be placed regarding this. The company had also asked all the shops to remove the mentioned items from the shelves.

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