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Daytime Fighting in Southern Gaza Pauses for Humanitarian Aid Delivery

Jerusalem: On Sunday, the Israeli army announced a daily daylight ceasefire in southern Gaza to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid. This strategic move by the Israeli military comes amid increasing international pressure for a broader ceasefire.

The ceasefire will halt firing along a 12 km stretch of road in Rafah from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Irish time and will remain in effect until further notice.

The primary objectives of this decision are to ensure the smooth passage of aid trucks through the Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom border and to secure the Salah al-Din Highway, the main road connecting northern and southern Gaza.

Aid distribution had been halted since the beginning of the Israeli ground offensive in Rafah in early May. The Israeli army indicated that this ceasefire would enable more aid to reach areas such as Khan Younis, Mawasi, and central Gaza.

The Israeli military will oversee the aid deliveries. While Israel’s decision was welcomed by the United Nations, the UN has called for more robust measures from Israel.

Traffic across the border has been disrupted since Israeli forces moved into Rafah in early May. The international community has consistently urged Israel to take further steps to alleviate the crisis.

This decision comes as mediation efforts for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas continue to falter.

According to the UN, only 68 aid trucks have been entering Gaza daily from early May to June, compared to 168 in April. Volunteers report that at least 500 truckloads of aid per day are necessary to support the over one million Gazans displaced by the conflict.

In related news, eight Israeli soldiers were killed in an explosion in Rafah yesterday, marking the deadliest day for Israeli forces in their ongoing conflict with Hamas. Additionally, three other soldiers lost their lives in separate incidents.

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