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Decision to charge fees for private drop-off and pick-up vehicles entering Dublin Airport

Authorities plan to charge a fee for private vehicle owners arriving at and from Dublin Airport to pick up and drop off passengers. The proposed new drop-off and pick-up zones will operate in front of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Construction works of the proposed new drop-off and pick-up zones will begin soon if the project receives planning approval. The airport officials hope that they will get the planning approval and it is because of that they have announced the plan early.

A Dublin airport spokesman said the new system was aimed at reducing the number of car trips to and from the airport and encouraging passengers to make more use of public transportation.

Officials said no new charges would be introduced during the current Covid-19 pandemic but the proceeds from the start of the project will be used for the airport’s welfare activities. The new toll booths will start by accepting the toll tag, card and payment.

Paid drop-off and pick-up zones are already in use at airports such as Cork and Belfast International airports in Ireland.

Last year, about a third of people (32%) used private cars to enter the airport. 32% of passengers travel by bus to Dublin Airport, while 21% travel by taxi.

Currently, private cars are allowed to unload passengers in front of both terminals at Dublin Airport, but they are not allowed to collect people from these locations.

However, the airport said the system has been misused for several years. Cars are illegally waiting for pick-ups or roaming campus roads and the airport officials hope the new system will put an end to all this.

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