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Deer threat to Ireland…. Eating away Ireland’s biodiversity

Dublin: Deer are eating and destroying Ireland’s biodiversity. Deer hunting has been a topic of discussion in the country for a few months. Those who participated in the main public consultation organised as part of it protested against the deer. As part of the deer management strategy, a public consultation was held. The forum was opened by Agriculture and Food Minister Marine Charlie McConalogue and Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien.

The main problems and concerns caused by deer are the destruction of biodiversity and agricultural crops, the threat to road safety, and the obstruction of new forests. Overgrazing by deer has been reported to harm 40 sensitive natural habitats. However, the government took no action in this regard. There was a big gap in the control of deer during COVID. This led to an increase in the number of deer.

Teddy Cashman, chairman of the strategy group, revealed that deer numbers are out of control in some areas, including Wicklow. In addition to causing crop damage, deer endanger road safety. In the early autumn, a final report on how to deal with the problem will be released. The chairman said that the agriculture and housing departments will consult and decide what to implement.

The locals want the deer’s to be killed.

More than 1,500 people took part in the consultation, and the vast majority were against deer. Deer should be killed, according to 86% of respondents. More than 80% of respondents stated that the national animal devastates biodiversity.

Three-quarters of those who took part in the consultation said they should help landowners manage deer, and 69% said the hunting industry should expand.

Malcolm Noonan, Junior Minister for Housing, said the development of a deer management strategy in Ireland is essential to protect and restore nature and biodiversity.

Minister McConalogue stated that a long-term plan should be developed to ensure the health and well-being of deer while also protecting nature and the forest. In addition, the minister believes that there is a need for widespread public awareness in this regard.

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