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Dublin Archbishop voiced dissatisfaction at the rise of negative trends in Irish society during pandemic

DUBLIN: Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin speaks of negative trends in Irish society during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Archbishop said that all protesters have the same face.

The people of Ireland reacted quickly and responded responsibly to restrictions. Speaking at an online conference of the Dublin Council of Churches, Diarmuid Martin referred to the negativity of the COVID prevention.

The Archbishop said that there are some negative trends, including protests against wearing masks and other control measures. He added that the same groups that took part in the anti-mask demonstrations tried to overturn his car while attending an Islamic conference in Croke Park.

“There are voices out there who do not understand, or do not want to understand, what religious tolerance means in the Ireland of today and that should concern all of us,” Archbishop said.

In addition to it, the Archbishop also highlighted the special challenges faced by churches during the pandemic, including the fact that believers cannot gather for long period.

“There can be a justification for the closing of churches, especially at crucial moments or to protect vulnerable people. Such measures should however be limited to the minimum period necessary,” he said.

Religious leaders must be powerful agents for fostering responsible behavior. He also said that they should be at the forefront of the new needs of the emerging believers. Archbishop warned that churches surrounded by their own problems will fail to lead the outside world.

The current situation should be used to reflect what kind of church is needed during and after the outbreak. He added that because of the creative use of social media, there is no rush to go to church services as public worship is going well online.

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