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Education Ireland provides guidance to international students arriving in Ireland as campus life resumes in September

Campus life in Ireland is about to return after a long hiatus! Third-level education is set to commence in September.

Ireland ensures a safer return to campus life with the return of lectures, as well as certain modifications and specific mitigation measures. “We need to begin the next academic year on the right foot, getting all our students and staff back on campus,” said Minister for Higher Education Mr Simon Harris.

Higher education institutions will ensure the safe arrival of all international students into Ireland for the academic year 2021/22. Institutions were provided with COVID-19 guidelines. Institutions will provide COVID-19 guidelines to students to ensure the public health of students, staff and the community.

‘Greet & Transfer’ Service

A national ‘Greet & Transfer’ service for international students will be available at Dublin Airport from 1 August. There will be ‘Greet & Transfer’ desks in the airport arrival halls where welcoming staff will greet students and organise their further transport from the airport, which is a free service.

However, before travelling, students must complete the Greet and Transfer Booking Form. These forms are made available to students by their higher education institution. Those who do not receive the form should contact their respective higher education institution directly, Education in Ireland said.

Students must meet international travel requirements

Education Ireland reminded all foreign students to be aware of the restrictions (testing, vaccination, and quarantine requirements) in place before travelling to Ireland. It is each student’s own responsibility to understand and follow international travel regulations.

Education in Ireland‘s guidelines for international arrivals may be viewed here.

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