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European Commission Eases Visa Rules, Prompting Surge in Indian Travellers to Schengen Countries

Dublin: Indian travellers are increasingly visiting Schengen countries following the European Commission’s recent simplification of Schengen visa rules. As of April 18, the EU Commission has streamlined the process for Indian nationals to apply for multiple-entry visas with longer validity periods. These changes have been well-received by both travellers and consulates.

Under the new Schengen visa regulations, Indian travellers with a consistent travel history are now eligible for long-term multiple-entry visas valid for up to two years and five-year Schengen visas, depending on the validity of the applicant’s passport.

The travel and tourism sector predicts a 15% increase in trips from India to the EU as a result of the new regulations. Nishant Pitti, CEO of the Easy My Trip platform, noted a 12% rise in the number of Indian tourists interested in visiting Schengen countries. Popular destinations for Indian travellers include France, Greece, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany.

Germany has seen a significant increase in visa applications from Indian citizens. The country has already received 130,000 Schengen visa applications, compared to 120,000 visas granted in 2023 and 67,540 visas issued from 76,000 applications in 2022.

German diplomat Georg Ensweiler highlighted that the new visa rules represent a significant win for Indian travellers and consulates. He anticipates that all Schengen member states will adopt these new regulations, further facilitating travel for Indian nationals.

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