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Extra charges and tax will be applied because of Brexit

Shopping with British retailers might take extra charges and taxes. This is because Brexit took effect on January 1 and new rules have been brought in which includes VAT and Excise Duty being applied to many transactions.

As per now, purchases over €22 will see the addition of an Irish VAT charge and anything under that will not be charged extra.

Customs duty is also implied on goods valued at more than €150 and the amount to be charged will vary depending on the nature of the item.

Consumers are also being warned that the tariffs will be avoided only on goods bought from the UK that are of UK origin, under the Free Trade Agreement in place.

So, tariffs and other charges can be applied if the goods are sourced outside the EU are being sold by a British seller to an Irish consumer.

The Government is now trying to make people aware about the latest changes.

Robert Troy, Minister of State said that some retailers are moving forward with the government and they are informing customers about the new change, but at the same time some retailers are hiding it.

“Some online retailers are alerting consumers to these charges and some are including these additional charges in their final price,” he said.

He also said that consumers though need to check out each retailer’s policies and also whether there may be additional charges from the delivery company in respect of fee collection.

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment is also asking consumers to seek a refund if British sellers apply a UK VAT charge to their transactions.

In a statement issued by the Department, it says consumers should seek a refund from the UK suppliers they are purchasing from.

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