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Fake Bomb Threat at Prime Minister’s Family Home Causes Chaos; Gardai Respond

Dublin: A bomb threat targeted the residence of Prime Minister Simon Harris in Wicklow, where he lives with his wife and children. Although the threat turned out to be a hoax, it caused significant alarm. The Samaritans helpline received a call claiming a bomb had been planted at the Prime Minister’s house, complete with a code word. Shocked, Gardaí immediately rushed to Harris’s residence.

A thorough search of the house and its surroundings revealed nothing suspicious, so the family was not evacuated. The incident was later confirmed to be a false alarm. The Prime Minister declined to comment on the matter.

This marks the third such incident at Simon Harris’s house within two and a half months. Previously, far-right activists had marched and protested at his residence. Following this bomb threat, a few masked individuals trespassed on the property and issued threats. Gardaí arrested three people in connection with the incident last week.

The investigation is being led by the Special Detective Unit, the Garda’s counter-terrorism branch.

Recently, Justice Minister Helen McEntee also faced bomb threats at her home, resulting in her family being evacuated multiple times.

Responding to these incidents, Prime Minister Harris emphasised that protest is a fundamental element of democracy but should not be used as a tool for extortion and intimidation. Justice Minister McEntee echoed his sentiments, stating that such incidents will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

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