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Families can travel in and out of Ireland to celebrate Christmas

Higher Education Minister Simon Harris has said he does not want to ban those who intend to return to Ireland from abroad in December to celebrate Christmas.

The Minister shares the optimism that people from abroad will be able to return to Ireland even during the Covid expansion.

At the same time, the CMO Tony Holohan on the other day said that international travel is now dangerous as Covid remains serious.

However, the minister said the government has not yet taken a decision on the matter and the final decision will be taken after a brief assessment of the Covid situation.

Harris said that, many people in other EU countries have been inquiring about the possibility of bringing children home for Christmas.

He said he would like to give a positive answer to this and is convinced that Christmas is a very important time for travelers.

This year’s Christmas celebrations will not be as usual as they used to be. Level 5 restrictions are in place in the country until the end of November. Subsequently, the government intends to impose Level 3 restrictions.

However, there are indications that strict controls will remain in place if Covid becomes serious again.

The minister said that social gatherings and other celebrations will not be allowed on Christmas as part of Covid restrictions. Therefore, celebrations at home should be limited to complying with public health guidelines.

He said the government would clarify the restrictions regarding Christmas celebrations in the coming days.

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