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Family will take legal action against false claims on George Nkencho that are circulating online

The lawyers of George Nkencho, a mentally ill young man who was shot dead by Gardai in his backyard last week, said they would take legal action on the “vindictive assertion” on George’s character that circulating online. Lawyers have warned against portraying Mr. Nkencho as abusive and violent on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

They have made it clear that those who carry out baseless propaganda will face severe legal action. Mr. Nkencho had never been involved in any crime before. But contrary to the claims generated by a far-right organisation now circulating online. Nkencho was arrested last January by Garda from his home on Manorfields Drive in Hartstown, but later released under the Mental Health Act. Legal sources said the two minor charges against Mr. Nkencho in the past were later dropped. In fact, they said, the revelations were due to the spread of misinformation about the victim’s past on social media platforms.

In 2019, a picture of a facial injury to an Everton football fan was circulated with false claims. The fake propaganda is that Mr. Nkencho attacked the person working in the shop. Legal action will be taken against vindictive assertions’ on George’s character. Mr. Nkencho’s family and lawyers said the statutory investigation into his death would be scrutinized. The family said they have maintained independent legal advice through Phelim O’Neill Solicitors and Harringtons LLP Solicitors.

The family’s lawyers said in a statement that: “The family have grave concerns as to the manner in which An Garda Síochána handled the incident that led to George’s untimely death. The family through their legal representatives now intend to actively engage with the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission investigation with a view to establishing the truth.”

George Nkencho, 27, was shot dead by members of the Blanchardstown Garda and Support Unit in front of his home on Wednesday, December 30, 2020. He was shot five times. Despite the ban, video footage of the incident has been circulating online. Meanwhile, it was reported that Nkencho’s family had met with senior officials at the station.

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