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Fireworks on New Year; Hundreds of birds died

Rome: Birds have died in masse in Rome following New Year’s celebrations. Though the reason for this id not clear it been said that excess use of firecrackers had led to the killing of these feathered creatures.

Pictures of dead birds on the roads and at the railway station have surfaced on social media. Animal rights group has accused New Year’s Eve as a nightmare for birds.

High-pitched fireworks exploded as part of the New Year celebrations. Birds were also abundant in the area with lots of trees. Activists from an animal rights group said they thought the sound of fireworks may have caused the birds to die.

According to activists, firecrackers often endanger animals and birds. But it is uncommon for birds to die in masse. The group has called on authorities to stop selling and exploding fireworks as they pose a threat to animals and birds.

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