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Flight Service Cancellations: Know Your Compensation Options

Dublin: The ongoing strike by Aer Lingus pilots in Ireland continues to disrupt flight schedules, with the airline confirming the cancellation of 244 flights to date. Aer Lingus has indicated that further flight cancellations may be forthcoming due to the strike.

In response to flight cancellations, Aer Lingus has provided several options for affected passengers. Those who booked directly with Aer Lingus can utilise the “Manage Trip Option” available on the airline’s website and mobile app. Passengers have the choice of receiving a refund voucher or a full refund of their booking cost. Any additional expenses incurred by passengers for alternative flights will be reimbursed by the airline after the fact. It’s important to note that compensation is only available after a flight has been officially cancelled. Passengers who proactively change their bookings before an official cancellation will not be eligible for compensation, according to Aer Lingus.

Consumer Protection Measures by CCPC

Passengers are also covered under the directives of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC). According to CCPC guidelines, passengers are entitled to compensation if their flights are delayed by more than three hours or cancelled with less than 14 days’ notice, unless due to exceptional circumstances such as severe weather or strikes by parties other than the airline (e.g., air traffic controllers or baggage handlers).

Compensation Structure Based on Journey Length

Compensation amounts vary based on the distance of the flight. For short-haul flights, compensation can be up to 250 euros, while for long-haul flights, it can go up to 600 euros. The maximum compensation a passenger can receive in the event of a flight cancellation is 600 euros.

Advice from Irish Travel Agents Association

The Irish Travel Agents Association has advised passengers who booked tickets through channels other than Aer Lingus to contact their travel agents to explore alternative travel arrangements or packages. Travellers who made direct bookings for accommodations and other services should ensure to update these arrangements in accordance with any changes to their flight plans. It’s also recommended that travellers review their insurance policies to determine if they are covered for travel disruptions related to the Aer Lingus strike. The association noted that only policies purchased before June 13 may cover losses related to the strike.

As the situation develops, passengers are encouraged to stay informed through Aer Lingus’ official communications channels and to contact the airline directly for assistance with rebooking or refund options.

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