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For the first time in history, the EU will issue digital driving licences

Brussels: A digital driving licence that can be used across the EU is coming. Accordingly, the European Commission has presented proposals to revise the driving licence laws. The European Union is the world’s first to digitise driving licences.

The European Parliament and the European Council must consider the Commission’s package of proposals, which includes updating driver testing rules to account for the transition to zero-emission vehicles. The proposal is expected to reduce the administrative burden associated with the processing of physical licences.

The digital licence will make it easier for drivers to change, renew, and transfer their licences, and the system will speed up the transfer of non-EU citizens’ driver’s licences to the EU.

Adina Valean, EU Transport Commissioner, stated that even if the licence is digitised, the option of a physical version will be retained. The driving licence will be available on the phone in the near future, among other things. The digital licence is expected to be very convenient and thus popular with the youth and others. She also stated that a physical version will be available for those who require it.

The Commission’s package also includes the EU’s ‘Vision Zero’, new road safety rules to eliminate road deaths by 2050. More than 20,000 people died on EU roads in 2022. Most of them were pedestrians, cyclists, and two-wheelers.

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