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Fraud persist; Customers are suffering…..

Dublin: Mobile phone customers are suffering from scam calls. Despite various measures, fraud persists. People fall into the trap both knowingly and unknowingly. Cybercriminals are beyond the reach of the police, government, and mobile network systems. Scam calls continue to arrive one after the other.

Scams are committed in the names of delivery services, garda stations, banks, and the government. Some customers receive up to ten calls per day. You will always lose money if you make a mistake. Mobile operators have admitted that they are powerless to stop the scam. Banks are staying away with a cautionary note. So are the Gardai. The only question now is who will put a stop to this fraud.

50 million euros were lost last year!

According to the Banking Payments Federation of Ireland (BPFI), scam callers and texters stole at least €50 million from Irish mobile users last year. These criminals can be controlled if the operators decide. But they are not prepared for it because it has no merit. There is no one to ask them.

Who is to blame?

No one is responsible for this. Telecom networks must be held accountable. But it can’t for many reasons. The main reason is the way telecom networks work. Another is the irresponsibility of the big operators.

Open access is the villain…

Because SMS systems have open access, major companies such as Vodafone, Three, and Eir say they can’t control scam calls and texts. All this is coming from abroad, they add.

Even in their own country, they will have less responsibility in this regard. Because they are SMS, they are uncontrollable. If it had been WhatsApp or Facebook, it could have been banned. As big operators make ‘messaging’ free for all, scams are rampant. The only way out is to look after yourself!!

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