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Funeral ceremonies boosting up Covid clusters

Health experts warn against stopping online publication of funeral arrangements in Ireland in the wake of the Covid outbreak among funeral attendees.

CMO Dr. Tony Holohan also expressed concern about the Covid expansion in cultural ceremonies yesterday.

The CMO said that the spread of Covid has been confirmed in various parts of the country and funeral rites have become one of these.

The CMO said that while the death of a loved one can be painful for family members, there is no way out without taking drastic measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

He said that in addition to cultural gatherings, other gatherings are also occurring as a part of the culture. Currently, only 25 people are allowed to attend funerals in Ireland.

At the same time, Irish Association PRO Mary Cunniffe said it was not surprising that the Covid spread with funeral rites. Mary said she would limit sharing of funeral ceremonies and stop sharing death notices to prevent the leap of the Covid clusters.

They also point out that many people in rural areas attend funerals without wearing proper masks and without following safety measures, including social distance.

While shortening cultural notifications, some also inform about cultural arrangements through the social media platform. The assessment is that sharing announcements through social media leads to their widespread publicity.

Mary requested that the funeral directors must not publish announcements about the funeral and that family members not spread such announcements widely through social media.

They also say that you should not insist on attending ceremonies if you see death notices.

Although there have been reports of Covid spread among those attending cultural ceremonies, at present, the number of confirmed Covid clusters associated with speech ceremonies is unclear.

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