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Gardaí Warn: “Stay Extra Vigilant as Cybercriminals Keep Pace with the Times”

Dublin: Gardaí Issue Caution Against Black Friday Scams and Cyber Monday Cybercrimes

Detective Chief Superintendent Pat Lordon, heading the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau, emphasises the importance of vigilance amidst the upcoming Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas shopping season. Online shoppers are advised to exercise extra caution, as numerous cybercriminals are orchestrating fraudulent schemes. These scams involve the establishment of counterfeit websites and the dissemination of misleading advertisements on social media platforms. Lordon underscores the necessity of refraining from making payments to individuals advertising products on social media with the misguided expectation of receiving the promised items. Stay informed and safeguard your online shopping experiences during this critical period.

“Surge in Scams: Fraud Anticipated to Spike by 37% Year-on-Year in Ireland”

In a concerning revelation, the Banking and Payments Federation of Ireland (BPFI) FraudSmart has disclosed that fraud cases are projected to increase by a significant 37% in the current year compared to the previous year. A staggering €14.5 million has been reported as the total amount pilfered due to debit and credit card fraud, including ATMs, marking an alarming 18.5% surge from the preceding year. This surge has propelled the figures to the highest level recorded since 2017.

According to statistics, a predominant share of online card frauds are executed through card-not-present transactions, where fraudsters exploit online avenues to gain access to personal information under the assumption that stolen card details can go undetected. Niamh Davenport, the BPFI’s Head of Financial Crime, has raised concerns, highlighting that card fraud has now rebounded to levels reminiscent of the pre-pandemic era, reaching the highest point since 2017. Vigilance and enhanced security measures are paramount in safeguarding against this growing threat.

“Staying Vigilant in the Face of Evolving Scammers”

It’s imperative to remain cautious, as fraudsters are relentless in updating their methods and resources, warns Niamh Davenport. In addition to traditional avenues like scam texts, phone calls, and emails, scammers have devised a multitude of sophisticated techniques to gain access to personal and financial data. Notably, debit card fraud has witnessed a substantial 46% surge. Law enforcement agencies, such as Gardaí, are strongly urging customers to exercise prudence and thoroughly consider their actions before sharing sensitive information, whether it be cash or card details. In this ever-evolving landscape, heightened awareness is key to safeguarding against these evolving threats.

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