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Garden Offices gaining much acceptance due to Covid-19 restrictions

Shomera, an Irish Company, specialized in house extensions and garden rooms has experienced a 400% increase in demand.

The four-fold increase in demand was experienced by the company right after the reopening in May.

It is observed that Covid-19 has played a major role in this company’s good time. Since the pandemic, most of the offices prefer their employees to stay in home and work from there.

Shomera says that the surge in enquires and sales has now settled an increase of 200%.

The company’s owner and managing director Frank O’Sullivan said that since the beginning, they were focusing on the consumers demands of making a better home. But after the pandemic, many companies are approaching Shomera to design a home office for their valued employees.

“One thing is clear, that while we all hope the virus and its impact will not be long-term the change in mindset of businesses towards working from home is permanent, especially as companies have seen the benefits for both their businesses and their employees,” he said. 

He also added that, many companies have found the new blend of working from home to be more productive for employees as well as allowing for a better work-life balance.

The company will work with dealings on a VAT deductible and tax-efficient home office scheme for its employees.

Rates for garden rooms start from €14,950 with the smallest studio in the fresh range for companies who want to help their workers get set up in a home office starting at €11,900 ex VAT.

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