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“go back to your own country”; the voice of racial abuse resonates in Galway

Galway: It was in the near past that the ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign was ragging all across the glob and many was shocked and got upset with the unfortunate incident which lead to such a campaign. But that was no the end, still this type of racial abuse happens in the society. It was on the previous day that an NUIG student underwent such an abuse.

The Garda begins investigation into racist allegations against student at NUIG. The NUIG reported to Garda as the abuse video went viral.

The video, which shows a man repeatedly calling a student a bad name, hit and went viral in the social media.

In the video it clearly shows that the man went on abusing by asking her to leave Ireland. The video also shoes that the women pleads to him by saying that she was born and bought up in Ireland, but the man goes on by repeating ‘go back to your own country.’

A spokesman confirmed that the University has contacted the Gardaí about the reports of racist incident on campus.

The spokesman also added that “As a University of Sanctuary, where respect and openness are our core values, we find any incidence of racism abhorrent.  Black Lives Matter.”

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