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Google to lay off 12,000 employees worldwide

Alphabet Inc. Google has decided to lay off 12,000 workers worldwide.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, stated that the layoffs were the result of a thorough examination across product areas and operations to ensure that the company’s people and responsibilities were aligned with its greatest goals.

They cut across the alphabet, product categories, functions, levels, and locations.

Google planned to reimburse employees for the duration of the notification period. Google was also willing to give a severance payment beginning with 16 weeks’ salary plus two weeks for each consecutive year at Google, as well as accelerate at least 16 weeks of GSU vesting. Google has pledged to pay incentives and remaining vacation time in 2022. Google promised to provide affected individuals with six months of healthcare, job placement services, and immigration assistance.

Outside of the United States, Google has promised to help employees in accordance with local standards.

To get through the delay, Google has already postponed product releases and project budgets and solicited staff productivity tips.

Pichai had previously avoided staff inquiries regarding cost-cutting executive compensation.

Google was the most recent big tech company to join peers such as Amazon, Microsoft, Meta Platforms, and others in making the difficult decision to downsize in the midst of a pandemic recovery-driven business slowdown and macro uncertainties.

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