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Government asks people to limit the use of Public transport during peak hours

The public have been asked to reduce or avoid the use of public transport during peak hours. The Government had asked this as the country had moved from Level 5 restrictions to Level 3 today.

It is expected that the people in the public transport will have an increase of 25% to 50% from today. Face coverings will be mandatory for the passengers.

As the businesses become active, the National Transport Authority (NTA) expects an increase in demand for the public transport. It also expects a sudden increase because schools are still functioning.

A spokesperson for NTA said yesterday that “Social-distancing measures are restricting capacity, so customers are advised to only use public transport for necessary journeys and to avoid peak-time travel,”

“We would ask people to avoid travelling at times of the day when a lot of school children and essential workers are using public transport, and only to use public transport for essential purposes.” He added.

The spokesperson also said that Small Public Service Vehicles (SPSVs) like taxis will be operating and they will be available.

People who still has the option to work from home should continue doing that and the government and the NTA had asked people to walk or to use bicycle for commutation.

 He added that congestion caused by an increase in private cars may cause delays to public transport services, especially around key shopping centres in the cities.

“We’d ask that intending passengers bear these factors in mind, allow more time for their journey and remain polite and respectful towards drivers and other transport workers,” the spokesperson stated.

Irish Rail will be on a full schedule on all rail routes from December 2 to December 18, including additional weekday services (Monday to Friday) will operate:

  • 9.50pm Dublin Connolly to Maynooth
  • 10.10pm Dublin Connolly to Drogheda

The service from Grand Canal Dock to Portlaoise will also operate from Monday, 7 December, a 9.50pm.

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