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Government will consider an additional Bank Holiday in 2021 – Taoiseach

DUBLIN: Taoiseach Micheál Martin said the government would consider the idea of ​​an additional Bank Holiday in 2021 to strengthen the tourism sector.

This idea is being considered by the government as it has been in vogue for several months to strengthen the tourism sector and the concept was also raised in a recent report on how to boost tourism.

In addition, the Tourism Recovery Plan from the Tourism Recovery Task Force has recommended that additional bank holidays be considered during the off-peak season.

Although there were initial reports that there might be an additional bank holiday in 2020, government senior sources had earlier indicated that this was more likely to happen in the New Year (2021) when the effects of the pandemic subside.

The Taoiseach said the extra bank holiday was an opportunity for the government to reflect and acknowledge the work of many workers in various sectors. He assured that this would definitely be considered.

In terms of public holidays, Ireland lags a few days behind Austria, Sweden and other European countries.

Earlier in 2020, Higher Education Minister Simon Harris said that an extra bank holiday was a good idea.

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