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April Fools’ Day, celebrated on April 1st, is a day when many of us unleash our most creative sides in a funny, often over-the-top attempt to fool people around us.

Why do we do this, and where did it start? 

There is no consensus on how it all began, but one popular theory is that while January 1 is now the start of the new year, this was not the case before 1592. We used the Julian calendar, which was created by Julius Caesar in 45 BC, and saw each new year begin on April 1!

Those who kept celebrating New Year’s Day on April 1st were labelled “fools.” They were the target of pranks and hoaxes. April Fool’s Day is now observed in many nations throughout the world as a joyful and enjoyable occasion for people to engage in harmless pranks and good-natured humour.

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