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‘Halo Stranger,’ CybeSafe Ireland says 61% of children who game online were contacted by strangers

The CybeSafe Ireland recently released their annual report, in which they said that 61% of children who play online games were contacted by a total stranger.

Two out of every three online player face this while playing online. 31% of children play online games with someone who they don’t know for real.

The report said that 40% of boys and 22% of girls who game online has been contacted by unknown people.

The report still has another relevant concern, which includes below aged children fake their ages in order to sign up into social media platforms. 65% of children have done this.

The organization said that most of the media platforms needs 13 years older users, while the digital age of consent in Ireland is 16.

Around 30% of the children who are active in social media doesn’t know most of their online friends and followers in person.

The report said that 95% of children are well equip with smart devices, which they use for connecting online.

The CyberSafe Ireland Chairperson, Avril Ronan said that ‘These unprecedented times have only served to remind us of our responsibility to ensure that children are well prepared for their digital lives.’

He also said that it is vital to provide education, resources and support to children themselves but also to parents and teachers.

‘As an organization, we remain concerned that children are not being adequately prepared and that they need more guidance and support from parents and educators,’ he said.

He also ensured that CyberSafeIreland is committed to its vision of a world in which children are using technology in a safe, positive and successful manner.

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