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Hamas Supporters Stage Protest Outside RTE in Dublin

Dublin: Supporters of Hamas gathered for a protest outside RTE, the official Irish government news station, in response to Deputy Prime Minister Michael Martin’s warning about the global impact of the Middle East conflict. The demonstration coincided with a pro-Palestinian rally in Belfast.

Deputy Prime Minister Martin’s remarks came in the wake of an Israeli attack in Beirut that claimed the life of a senior Hamas leader. Protesters in Dublin brandished Palestinian flags and signs condemning the Israeli government, drawing attention from onlookers. Mark McTaggart, North Secretary of INTO and spokesperson for the trade union group Friends of Palestine, called for a boycott of Israeli goods and companies during the demonstration.

The protest at RTE in Dublin, organised by Mothers Against Genocide, saw participation from Sustainable Development Scientist Naomi Sheehan and others. Sheehan asserted that Israel’s actions in Gaza amounted to a silent genocide.

Similar pro-Hamas demonstrations have taken place in Belfast and Dublin since the onset of the conflict in October. In Belfast, a rally at City Hall followed a march through the city centre on a Saturday afternoon.

Deputy Prime Minister Martin expressed concern not only about the Middle East conflict but also about the actions of Houthi rebels in the Red Sea, particularly their attacks on cargo ships. The Foreign Minister emphasised the urgent need for a humanitarian-based ceasefire in Gaza, condemning civilian casualties and urging all parties to exercise restraint and avoid further conflict.

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