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Heavy rains cause serious damage in western Cork. Met Éireann says rain continues until next week

Dublin: Heavy rains are expected in parts of Ireland next week also, says Met Éireann. Weather forecasters predict that the current rains and winds will completely disrupt the holiday plans for this weekend.  

The meteorologists warned that on Thursday and Friday, strong winds and rain could wreak havoc in low-lying areas and coastal areas.

The rain will probably continue until Saturday evening and the lakes are also likely to overflow. The current rain is likely to continue till next Wednesday morning.  

Met Éireann had already warned that an unexpected rainfall can be expected. The weather forecast informed that all 14 counties will experience a high rainfall. 

Carlo, Kildare, Kilkenny, Port Leach, Wexford, Wicklow, Offley, Galway and Munster all received good rainfall over the past few days. Some places received rainfall of 25 to 40 mm.

The intermittent rain that started yesterday morning in the Dublin area is still unabated and the traffic has been interrupted. Dams have formed in the lower parts of the city. County councils have taken steps to take more precautions as the rains continue today.

Heavy damage in West Cork

Heavy rains in the last five days have caused severe damage in West Cork. Roads and gravel were extensively damaged. All the low-lying areas including homes and businesses were flooded.

The main west cork road between Clonakilty and Skibbereen in Ros Carbery was partially closed. More than 230 mm of rain has fallen in the 6 km radius of Ros Carbery since last Thursday. The damage was intensified by four days of torrential rain, which fell three hours apart from Thursday morning.

It also rained heavily on Saturday. Dunmanway, Owanahincha and Ratbury were also flooded. A spokesman for Cork County Council said the damage was being assessed. The local authority is on high alert in the hope that it will rain again.

Cork County Council employees are working together to remove debris from the damaged local roads. Public Works Minister Patrick O’Donovan will visit the affected areas today with local authority officials.

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