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Homeless services in Ireland fully packed before winter; Thousands of people still remains homeless

Even before the arrival of winter, all the homeless services in the country were reported to be overcrowded.

Concerns have been raised that the homeless in Ireland will become a new liability to the country in the wake of the Covid pandemic. It should also be noted that those who have used these services in the past are now looking for a place to comfort themselves again.

The situation has not changed significantly in the capital, Dublin, or other major cities. These figures show that the homeless remain the same. Some do not even know where they have gone from here.

Despite the overall decline in the number of people seeking emergency accommodation so far this year, homeless services are at an all-time high in all areas between July and September.

Over a period of three months, 750 new homeless people were there Dublin. During this period, an average of eight people became homeless every day. There were 105 new homeless people in the South West, including Cork.

In Dublin, 5,564 adults sought emergency accommodation in the third quarter of this year. Of these, 4,814 are repeat users.

On the last day of the third quarter, all but five of the 4,112 senior beds available for emergency accommodation in the capital were used.

Efforts are being made to end the use of commercial hotels for emergency accommodation and to provide accommodation for the homeless, the report said.

In the South West, 284 people were in emergency accommodation for more than six months last year. In total, 175 people are staying in private emergency accommodation, such as hotels.

In the Southeast, 44 people were evacuated from emergency accommodation. Only five of them entered the new settlements. 27 people moved in with family and friends.

In the North West, 134 people were evacuated from emergency shelters. But only 21 have moved into the new settlements. 27 people went with friends and family. It is unknown where 62 people went in the same area.

The Midlands report also says that hotel and B&B accommodation is on the rise.

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