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Homelessness in Ireland is set to hit a record high

Dublin: The number of homeless people in Ireland is approaching record levels, according to government figures. Figures from the Department of Housing reveal that the number of homeless people in the second quarter of this year was 10,492. It is shocking that 3071 of them are children.

NGOs, including Focus Ireland, point out that the number of homeless people is approaching an all-time high of 10,514 in October 2019. Every month, the number of homeless families grows. In the month of June alone, 1,385 families became homeless. According to the department’s figures, this is a 147-person increase from the first quarter of the year.

Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien expressed concern about the continued rise in the number of people seeking emergency shelter. The government, local authorities, and NGOs are making every effort to help the homeless. With this goal in mind, changes to the Housing Assistance Payment Scheme have been made. The notice period for eviction of tenants has been increased from 28 to 90 days, according to the minister.

At the same time, opposition parties and voluntary organisations, including Sinn Fein, came forward to severely criticise the government on the housing issue. Eoin O’Brien, Sinn Féin’s housing spokesman, accused the housing minister of being “sleepy” as homelessness increased.

To date, the government has taken no steps to address the homelessness crisis. Broin went on to say that unless something is done right away, the crisis will worsen.

The number of people living in emergency accommodation in Dublin continues to rise, according to Caoimhe O’Connell, spokesman for Dublin Simon Community. Demanded that 5,000 properties under the repair and lease scheme should be made fit for use again.

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