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HSE Recruitment Ban Likely to Be Lifted Soon…

Dublin: Discussions between the government and the Health Service Executive (HSE) are intensifying regarding the lifting of the recruitment ban in the healthcare sector. This move aims to address the staffing crisis that has significantly impacted health services. Hundreds of Indian nurses and social care workers are awaiting appointments following their interviews.

Chief Executive Bernard Gloster confirmed ongoing discussions during a conference in Dún Laoghaire focused on healthcare services in EU and EEA countries.

“This is a very sensitive issue,” Gloster stated. “The number of employees, salaries, and available resources are all interconnected. Therefore, detailed discussions are ongoing with the Health Department, the Departmental Minister, and the Minister of Public Expenditure. This issue will be resolved soon. Nothing more can be said at this stage.”

Gloster noted that HSE staff numbers have increased since Christmas, but the recruitment ban has severely affected certain sectors.

The number of patients on waiting lists has risen by 7.3%, and emergency department cases have increased by 10%. Out of 400 patients who arrive at the emergency department, only 130 can be admitted.

Catherine Donohoe, HSE lead for the region, highlighted that the number of people travelling abroad for treatment has increased since before the COVID-19 pandemic. Under this European scheme, patients with a referral from a GP or consultant can receive treatment in any EEA country, including the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway.

A review report by the Parliamentary Budget Office indicates that public health spending reached €638 million by the end of April. To maintain this level of expenditure, the government will need to secure an additional €1.9 billion in supplementary funding this year.

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