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Hum the song instead of typing it; Google’s latest feature makes searching more easy

Google’s latest feature allows their users to hum the song they are looking for directly to the search engine instead of typing it.

This feature was made available with an update to its algorithm, now it is all capable of finding you’re the songs through voice recognition.

Google search engine is a globally accepted feature, everyone, almost everyday makes used of Google to enhance their knowledge and also for other entertainment purposes.

The tech giants expect the new feature to be a user friendly one.

Mobile users could gently tap on the microphone button on the search bar and just ask “what’s this song?” before humming the song.

Google Assistant activators can just simply ask the same preceded with “hey Google” and then hum the tune.

The company also announced updates for Google Maps, including expanding the live traffic indicator to “millions” of new locations. Further information regarding health and safety measures will also be provided in this pandemic period.

Google has talked about advances in artificial intelligence programs that are better at understanding languages, including the ability for search to improve spelling comprehension for search engines.

The company said that spelling mistakes happens once in every 10 questions and the latest advancements brings in a lot of improvement to spelling.

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